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Marriage Agency policy.

"You & Me"
is a Russian-Ukrainian agency for those who are 18 years old and older. Our agency presents real young, beautiful, marriage-minded Russian and Ukrainian ladies looking for love, friendship, romance, International dating and marriage with serious foreign men.

As most of our ladies have no computers at home and have no access to the Internet it's convenient for them to use our marriage agency. Also the ladies have to be able to speak fluent English, but not everyone can do it. We offer them the service of our translator. The ladies come to our office, take the translations of the letters, look at the pictures sent by men. They write letters at home and then bring them to the agency. We translate and e-mail their letters to men.

All the ladies of our agency are single. We always ask their passports to be sure they are really single. We never display married ladies. Every lady has her own ID and e-mail address inside our agensy. We do not give men's e-mail addresses to ladies.

Our services are paid by men. Ladies are not allowed to ask men they correspond with for money.

If the lady sends you the money request, please report to us immediately and we'll investigate your request.

All massages concerning money can be sent only from/to So, the first
step for a fraudulent lady will be the desire to obtain your e-mail address by any means and
to correspond with you from other e-mail address.

Honest and marriage-minded lady will never do it because she does not need your e-mail address
as you pay for the correspondence and it is free for her to exchange letters with you, so they
have no reason to write you from unauthorized e-mail address, there may only be one reason- your money.

Remember, mostly all Ukrainian women do not have computers at home. So, if you get a letter from your lady sent from other e-mail address than: ****, it means that she has an unauthorized access to your address.

If you get a letter sent from unauthorized e-mail address, you should forward it to, as soon as we receive from you such letter, we will discover everything about the owner of the e-mail address: his/her address, phone number, home address, occupation etc. If the lady was trying to scam you she will be removed from our database and will be reported as a scammer.

Your communication with ladies of our agency remains confidential. The information we receive from our clients to our site is never disclosed to third parties for commercial purposes.

If you are the one who is just sending letters for entertainment and you are not serious and not marriage-minded please don't disturb our marriage agency. If you do not want to pay for the service your letters won't be delivered to the lady.

To be sure that your lady is real and not a picture from a magazine you have a good opportunity to communicate with her by means of web-cam or to order a video film about your lady.

You can ask for advice regarding the customs, traditions and things appropriate here. Sometimes culture difference can create not only funny moments! Don't forget to congratulate your ladies with their birthdays, Christmas, St.Valentine's Day and Women's Day (Women's day is celebrated in our country on March 8).

As we work with real people and get in touch with the ladies you can be sure that in case she doesn't write to you for a long time we can find out whether everything is ok with her. We will explain you all reasons why your lady doesn't want to answer you. We can also check your lady and give you info about where she was born, where she has lived, if she has any criminal records etc.

If you have any other questions which are not observed here please contact our Russian-Ukrainian marriage agency: .

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